Promo Code is here

Just in time to close out the year we have officially launched the 'Promo Codes' feature.   This means that you can now offer your clients and member special discounts by using a code when making a purchase.  

Promo codes give you, the studio business owner the ability to create a codes that you can give to your clients and members that when used, applies a discount on purchase. 


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Fresh new awesome features added to our APP.

Today, we're announcing some pretty helpful features for our mobile app that can help fitness and wellness studio's run and manage their business easier while capturing more revenue.  

When we added the option a few months ago, giving  studio owners and their staff the option to add classes that required 0 class credit to be booked, a lot of our studio were very happy that this long awaited feature was available.  

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To hire help or get a partner

You are a studio owner that has been in business for some time now and has gone through the fitness industry's ups and downs, the financial setbacks from the recession, watching everyone try to open a Yoga or Pilates studio on every street, Crossfit cannibalizing your membership base, the good years and the in between years.  Now your studio is on solid foundation, your membership base is not fluctuating like the stock market. You now have the problem we all want to have......... you are busy to the point of being unable to keep up.  Sure, you can hire more instructors to help you out by teaching some classes but you are still left with running this growing business which is your studio.  Congratulations.

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